Setting up Fusion

Relating to Setting up Fusion... Book Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 23 reviews.

About the Book

A Unique Book on Setting up Oracle Fusion Financials and Fusion Tools. The Book is written on Fusion Release 9 Instance and It comes with Fusion Financials Cloud Release 12 Update.

  • Self Paced Learning Guide
  • Covers Fundamentals
  • Best suited for EBS R12 Consultants seeking immediate knowledge transition to Fusion Financials

(Step by Step Guide to Fusion Setups and Transaction Flows with Actually executed examples and abundant Fusion Snaps)


  • Fusion General Ledger Fundamentals
  • Fusion Payables Fundamentals
  • Fusion Receivables Fundamentals
  • Fusion Assets Fundamentals
  • Fusion Cash Management Fundamentals
  • Fusion Hyperion Reporting Studio Fundamentals
  • Fusion Hyperion Smartview Fundamentals
  • Fusion FBDI – File Based Data Import – Fundamentals
  • Fusion OTBI – Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence – Fundamentals
  • Fusion ADF-DI – Application Developer Foundation – Desktop Integrator – Fundamentals

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List of Chapters and Topics


Navigator & Menu Items

Implementation Project

Logging into Fusion

Configure Offerings

Creating Implementation Project

Selecting Offerings

Accessing Task List

Performing Tasks

Accessing Navigator Menus

… More about Impl. Project

Fusion General Ledger Topics

Creating Legal Entity

Creating an Address

Creating a Legal Entity

Registering a Legal Entity

Chart of Accounts

Creating COA Value Sets

Defining COA Structure

Defining COA Structure Instances

Deploying Flexfield

Defining COA Values

Defining Calendar

Generate Calendar

Defining Ledgers

Defining Primary Ledgers

Assigning Legal Entities

Setting up Ledger Options

GL Roles

Generating Roles

GL Roles in Entitlements Server

GL Roles in Identity Manager

Assigning Roles

…More GL Setups

GL Setup Validation

Open First Period

Enter and Post Journals

Fusion Payables Topics

Creating Business Units

Creating Business Units

Business Unit Functions

Business Unit Reference Data Sets

Banks Branches & A/cs

Creating Bank

Creating Branches

Creating Bank Accounts

Payables Settings

Payables and Procurement Options

Payables Settings

Payables & Procurement Options

Setting up Invoice Options

Setting up Payment Options

Payment Methods

Payment Terms

Payment Documents

Payment Process Profiles

Distribution Sets

…More Payables Setups

Procurement Agents

Employee, User & Proc. Agent

Roles for Procurement Agents

Procurement Agents & Suppliers

AP Roles

Generating Roles

AP Roles in Entitlements Server

AP Roles in Identity Manager

Assigning Roles


Creating Suppliers

Entering Supplier Addresses

Creating Supplier Sites

Supplier Site Assignments

Payables Invoices

Entering AP Invoices

Invoice Validation

Invoice Accounting



Creating Payment

Payment Accounting

Fusion Receivables Topics

Creating Business Units

Creating Business Units

Business Unit Functions

Business Unit Reference Data Sets

Receivables Setups

Receivables System Options

Receivables Activities


Transaction Types

Transaction Sources

Remit to Addresses

Receivables Setups…

Banks, Branches, Bank Accounts

Receipt Classes & Receipt Methods

Receipt Sources

…More AR Setups

AR Roles

Generating Roles

AR Roles in Entitlements Server

AR Roles in Identity Manager

Assigning Roles



Creating a Customer

Creating Address

Creating Address Purpose

Sites & Reference Accounts

AR Invoices

Opening First Period

Creating Invoice

Completing Invoice

Invoice Accounting

Fusion Assets Topics

Asset Key Flexfields

Asset Category Flexfield

Asset Key Flexfield

Asset Location Flexfield

Setting up Flexfields

Creating Assets Value Sets

Creating Flexfield Structures

Creating Flexfield Structure Instances

Deploying Flexfields

Assets Setups

System Controls

Fiscal Years


Pro-rate Conventions

Depreciation Methods

Asset Books

Category Combinations

Key Combinations

Location Combinations

…More Asset Setups

Assets Roles

Generating Roles

FA Roles in Entitlements Server

FA Roles in Identity Manager

Assigning Roles

Assets Setup Validation

Open First Period

Add an Asset

Calculate Depreciation

Asset Accounting

Fusion Cash Management Topics

Cash Management

Cash Management Setups

Banks, Branches & Bank Accounts

Creating Bank Transaction Codes

Entering Bank Statements

Entering Bank Statement Lines

Entering Receipts and Payments

…More CM Setups

Manual Reconciliation

Match Receipts

Match Payments

Auto Reconciliation

Enter Bank Statements, Lines

Enter Receipts, Payments

Setup Matching Rules

Run Auto Reconciliation

Validate Unreconciled Items

Reference Data Sets


Sharing/Partitioning Data

Creating Reference Data Sets

Assigning Ref. Data Sets

Data Elements & Ref. data Sets

Fusion FBDI Topics

File Based Data Import

OER – Oracle Enterprise Repository

UCM – Universal Content Manager

Downloading Template

Entering Data in Template

Generating CSV and ZIP files

Uploading Data to UCM

Upload UCM Data to Interface Table

Importing Data

One example demo end-to-end

Fusion Hyperion Smartview Topics

Hyperion Smartview

Setting up Browser

Downloading Smartview

Installing Smartview

Configuring Smartview

Configuring MS Excel

Logging into Smartview

Smartview Reports/Analysis

Point of View

Excel View

Drag Drop Methods

Ad hoc Reporting


One example demo end-to-end

Fusion Hyperion Reporting Studio Topics

Hyp. Reporting Studio

Setting up Browser

Downloading HFRS

Installing HFRS

Configuring HFRS

Logging into HFRS

HFRS Reports/Analysis

Creating Database Connection

Dimensions Layout

Point of View

HFRS Reports/Analysis

Setting up Dimension Layout

Setting up Grid Object Values

Setting up POV Object Values

Preview Report

Publish report

One example demo end-to-end

Fusion OTBI Topics

Oracle Transaction Business Intelligence

Oracle Transactions BI

Report Catalogues

Browsing Catalogues

Shared Folders

Subject Areas

OTBI Reports/Analysis

Selecting Subject Area

Selecting Report Columns

Report Layout

Report Filters

Report Prompts

Preview and Publish Reports

OTBI Reports/Analysis

Preview and Publish Reports

One example demo end-to-end

Fusion ADF-DI Topics

Application Development Framework – Desktop Integrator

ADF Desktop Interator

Download Integrator

Install ADF-DI

Configure MS Excel

ADF-DI Uploads

Download Spreadsheet Template

(E.g. Journals, AP Invoices, AR Invoices, Asset Addition etc)

Enter data in Template

Validate Data

Upload Data

ADF-DI Upload Journals

Download Journals Template

Enter Journal Lines in Excel

Submit Upload from Excel

Verify Uploaded Journal in Fusion

One example demo end-to-end

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Reviews and Ratings (Setting up Fusion)


Relating to Setting up Fusion... Book Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 23 reviews.


Nice book-A Mirror of Oracle Fusion

5 5 1
An awesome book for Oracle Fusion Financial aspirants. This is just like a mirror reflecting all the setup screen shots and at the same time explaining the concept. Just keep this book on your desk, turn it page by page and start navigating in the sea of Oracle by yourself without any worry. A very helpful book.

Excellent book to get you started

5 5 1
This is an excellent book to get you started with Fusion Financials. I like the detailed step-by-step screenshot approach and the level of detail that Mr.Vaze has put into this book. Though I am an experienced Oracle ERP implementer, I refer to this book from time to time when I am in doubt.

Setting Up Oracle Finance Financials

5 5 1
This book is a really good one, Step by Step approach for setting up Oracle Finance Financials right from scratch.... A Fundamental approach and good explanations wherever required... If you are looking at doing a clean basic setup of Oracle Fusion Financials, This is one of the best books available..Thanks


5 5 1
Excellent Books with screenshots and detailed explanation

Very nice book

5 5 1
This is Seshagiri Addanki. This book is a back bone for cloud and must to have.

Highly recommended

5 5 1
Suhas provided detailed explanation to learn Oracle Fusion Financials and Fusion Tools. I recommended this product to all consultants who are willing to learn Oracle Fusion Financials and Fusion Tools.

Book is Excellent

5 5 1
Excellent books with real time examples

Trail Blazing work on Oracle Fusion

5 5 1
I have waited for this Product with a Baited Breath........ The Out come is Awesome as Suhas sir has expended his energy,experience and emotions in compiling these Master Pieces. Books are self explanatory .. easy to follow...shedding light on key aspects and advents of Fusion Financials... This is the One-off Academic Rendition on Oracle Fusion Financials....... No other content is second to this Fantabulous work on Fusion Financials by Suhas Sir! He has improved Oracle Fusion Financials than his previous Contribution to the Oracle Apps Fraternity I.e Oracle R12 -21 Book Set. We are deeply indebted to his erudition and Contribution to Apps folks

Amazing Oracle Fusion

5 5 1
This book is amazing and elucidate the Oracle Fusion Financials effectively like Spoon feeding. Kudos to the Author, Mr. Suhas Vaze. Welcome to the Oracle Fusion/Cloud Financials, emerging cloud technology that will shatter around us.


5 5 1
This book is really good to start with Fusion, It has every setup related to all Financial modulss, To start up with Fusion its better to have this book but it has all basic setups dont expect every functionality to be included in this book. Its nice deal to have this book with this cost

excellent book

5 5 1
Hi, i have purchased this book,it is more help for me. i have learn all the setups in fusion financials through this book. i thank for the Suhas vaze for the book. Regards, vinay

Great Begining to Fusion Financials

5 5 1
This was a really a great book to start with on Fusion to know each and every step to make sure the Fusion Financials work the way you excepted. Good to have some good recipes to enjoy...

Very good book

5 5 1
Good book to learn Oracle Fusion Financials and Fusion tools. Very elaborative steps provided any one can easily learn. Thanks to Suhas for creating such a nice book

Very good setup screen shots

5 5 1
This book provides a very exhaustive setup screen shots for easy learning and practice provided you have the test instance. Also relate the screen shot with explanation on theory side which will help you understand why that setup is done. For the first timers just go by the screen shot and practice more. Very useful document.

Fantabuluous Book

5 5 1
They are self explanatory and easy to learn. It is worth to have them. Excellent Books.

Awesome Books and a great start

5 5 1
I had been referring these books. They are very easy for a noob to understand, step by step procedures are given picture by picture. There isn't any reason for not to understand. The major advantage of images are that you never forget, you can recall. The explanations are given properly wherever required. I have seen so many material, but such detailed training material is second to none, its awesome to have one.In short, they are second to none ! Five Stars from my side !

Setting up Oracle Fusion

5 5 1
Book is very useful to me to learn the Oracle Fusion Finance Modules and Reporting tools,made me to increase confidence.I Would like to say thanks to Suhas Vaze.

Very Useful Book

5 5 1
This book is very useful for all the Oracle Fusion Consultants, it will be a great learning. This helps to setup the system and work on the Instance without any help.

Best book to learn Fusion

5 5 1
I am glad to make the investment in this books and I am totally satisfied. Suhas Sir has been very helpful and helps in resolving all my queries while doing practice. I always get a reply from him within no time. Books has detailed example of every scenario , all steps are clearly mentioned, theory has been added where ever necessary. Thank you for such awesome books which made learning fusion very easy.

Very useful for Fusion aspirants

5 5 1
I bought this book and very happy with its simple pictorial presentation on the topics. It nicely explains how to perform setups for General Ledger, Account Payable, Account Receivables,Fixed Assets and Cash management modules. It also explains about FBDI, OTBI, FRS and ADFDI. A nice and easy way to start learning Fusion application with hands on practice using this book.


3 5 1


3 5 1

is it meant for beginers

2 5 1
Hi, It looks good from the face of cover page and that the books drafted for beginners, Its simple document- that's it. am sure that people can't use this book as reference for implementation or any development projects.