Access to Oracle Fusion Cloud Release 13 Instance (3 Months)


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Oracle Fusion Cloud Release 13 Access (3 Months)

INR 5,000/-

Consists of 3 Months Access to Oracle Fusion Cloud Release 13 Instance

Notes (Terms & Conditions)

– This provides Functional Access to the Fusion Cloud Instance. It can be used for Financials, Supply Chain, Human Capital etc…

– It does not include SQL access to the Oracle Database.

– Instance will be down for approx 1 or 2 days in a week for Oracle Maintenance

– Oracle may periodically (Weekly or otherwise) refresh and restore to fresh clone. Schedules for maintenance and refresh are NOT announced by Oracle. It is done without notifying the members.

– In case instance is down or slow for more than 2 days in a week, such excess downtime will be added free to your subscription towards the end.

– Sometimes Instance can become slow due to some processes running or load on server. In such case, you can wait for some time and try again.

– You may use the Instance for Self Study and NOT for conducting Trainings.

– The Instance is only for Self Study and NOT for Business Critical work.

– Do not share Credentials with any other people.

– You may Create Users, Assign Roles and Create Implementation Projects as you need for your testing. Please avoid creating too many implementation projects and users

– Access to Instance does not include Training in any form (Like Concepts, Navigations, Processes and Any other thing)

– Access to Instance does not grant ownership licenses to the instance. You are allowed to use/setup/configure the instance on rental / rent / subscription

– A Vision or Test Instance will be provided as per availability.

– The Instances are owned, deployed and maintained by Oracle Corp on their server (cloud)

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43 Replies to “Access to Oracle Fusion Cloud Release 13 Instance (3 Months)”

    1. Dear Customer, Payment can be done by Credit Card. During checkout, you may select INDIAN Dr/Cr Card as Payment Method. We don’t give instance for testing before payment.

  1. It says Access to Oracle Fusion Cloud Release 13 is OUT OF STOCK. Are you still providing access?

  2. I see it’s out of stock as of now. When can i get access ????
    Any log for downtime to track over period of 3 months ?

  3. Does access includes practicing on Financial Report studio and Smart View which I believe need report desktop connection (local client)? Also, whether access can be used for rapid implementation worksheets? can I get free access for a day or two to try first?

    1. Dear Suresh, Reporting Studio, Smartview as well as Rapid Implementation is possible in the instance. Kindly note, any kind of training is not given along with instance access. if you have not learnt these things and unable to perform these, it would be a training issue. In such case you can look forward to a training plus getting instance access. Training can be purchased at following link:

  4. Hi I need Oracle Fusion Cloud Release 13 Access (3 Months)
    INR 5,000/-
    Consists of 3 Months Access to Oracle Fusion Cloud Release 13 Instance

  5. Hi Team,

    I have made the payment for Fusion R13 instance Access, could you provide me the login credential.

    Contact: 9036687662
    Email: is the same as above.

    Order Number: 2146

    Thank you,

    1. Dear Prathap, All the details have been sent to you via email. Feel free to reach out to us in case of any further query. Thank you

  6. Hi Team,

    Does the Functional access include full Setup and Maintenance Tasks for Financials, SCM or Procurement?
    Please share training details for Procurement and SCM Modules.

  7. I have following queries hope you will assist.
    1. Is this instance is accessible from all over the world including (India, Pakistan, Singapore, United States)?
    2. Is it possible if OTBI (Analytics+Reports (SQL)) access be given (even with some additional charges) ?
    3. Do we have some basic configuration available with some test data or we need to do it from scratch.?

    Thanks indeed.

    1. Dear Riaz Feroz, 1.The Instance is accessible from all over the world. 2.OTBI access is already included. SQL is not available even with additional charges. 3.Test data is available you do not need to do it from scratch. Please Feel free to reach out to us via email on in case of any issue

  8. after purchasing 3months usage, can i use any existing user on vision operations to do transactions? which user?

    1. Dear Mohd, As the instance is used by several people, different people are using different user names. Hence it is not allowed to reset passwords of other users. You may create one user for yourself though.

  9. Will i get IT security manager role for the user you give ?

    If passwords expire on week ends..will you provide fresh passwords ?

    1. Dear Narayanan, We will provide you the IT Security Manager Role. Also, after expiry of password we will send you the fresh credentials as soon as possible.

  10. Could you please inform if the access covers such applications like Project Portfolio Management and Accounts Payable/Receivable, Procurement?

  11. Hi
    I am looking for access to Oracle Fusion instance .Can you please provide the information on this please like which version of Fusion HCM it supports and the price etc

    1. Dear Sajid Sheikh

      You can make online payment and buy Instance Access from any part of the world. Instance Credentials will be communicated to you through email. A detailed e-mail has been sent to you regarding this, request you to check.

    1. Dear Shivam, it is a Vision Instance or a Test Instance as per availability.
      Buyers from the US can make payment in USD.

      A detailed mail has been sent to you in this regard, request you to check your inbox.

  12. Could you please share more details instance about maintenance activities? During outage will that impact users earlier setups..

    1. Exact maintenance schedule has not been declared by oracle. For every outage the data will not be lost. If Instance is cloned then the data will be lost for which no schedule has been disclosed either.